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Convert your cash live into foreign currency by using the current rate of exchange. Currency converter uses cross rates to give different currency values, which means you can calculate the value in EUR (Euro) and USD (United United States Dollar) in relation to the value of any other currency. The currency codes are standardized by ISO 4217:2015 and are represented as an alphabetic code of three letters which is followed by the complete name of the currency.

Our currency converter calculator can convert over 200 currencies and the rates are changed every five minutes. In addition to the currencies, we offer the calculator is able to convert Mexican Pesos Indian rupees, Russian rubles, Jamaican dollars, and Ghanaian cedi. It also determines the conversion value of different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (USD converted to BTC) and Dogecoin (USD to DOGE).

What is the method by which this currency converter functions?

Wise's currency converter will reveal what your money is worth in various currencies in the current exchange rate. It allows users to convert over 140 currencies quickly and efficiently.

Simply input your money in the calculation for currencies above, select your source country and currency of destination, the tool converts your money into market rates that are in mid-price (that's what you'll see on Google). Transfer money to a different country with Wise and we'll use the same rate that you can see in the currency calculator.

What is the reason why rates for currency conversion are different for different businesses?

The rates of currency conversion vary between businesses due to the fact that each alters the exchange rate of the interbank in order to earn profits. The process is usually done on a large scale. The greater the amount, the closer you will be to the interbank rate. We've seen many competitors publish rates for interbank transactions on the internet to draw new customers. Once they have customers, they change the rates dramatically, but often not to the advantage of the customers.

Which is the best time to change my cash, or to buy or sell money?

The majority of trades take is carried out in the UK and in the US market. So, 8 am GMT from 8 am to 5 pm EST is the time when the market is its most dynamic, and the difference between rates of bid and ask is small. If you trade outside of these hours, you won't be able to benefit from deals with large institutions, and you'll have to pay to protect yourself from fluctuations beginning from the time you book your reservation until the time you offset with an exchange partner.

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