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Files that end in .PNG are images created to allow lossless transmission on the web. PNG files don't have the characteristics that allow them to be used for printing or printing with support for CMYK color space. In essence, PNG files are created to look amazing on monitors for computers and smartphones instead of printed paper.

However, files that end in. JPG or JPEGs are very different. JPG files, unlike PNG files, are compressed, which causes a quality reduction. You are in control of how much you'd like to decrease the quality of your photo and make the size of your picture less. JPGs are compatible with print and digital formats, but they're not as secure as PNGs.

convert your existing PNG images to high-quality JPG pictures.

JPG pictures are less in size than PNGimages which makes them perfect for use on social media or a blog posts. Convert your images to JPG to meet upload requirements on any platform. Reduce time spent formatting your photos so you have more opportunities to share them with your friends, family, and your followers to enjoy.

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You can select the compression level of the output JPG file to get the quality and size you want and choose the background color you would like to use for the replacement of transparency (PNG format allows transparency in alpha, however JPG does not, so the background has to be covered by some kind of cover). It is possible to make use of the built-in color picker or enter the color in the hex format manually.

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This PNG to JPG converter is free and works using any browser on the internet. We also upload your files using an encrypted HTTPS connection and then remove them within two hours. This means you can change your files without having to be concerned about privacy or security.

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