Remove Line Breaks

If you've been in the past, you've probably received text structured in a slim column with broken line breaks at the beginning of every line, for example, texts from emails or copies and pasted text that was taken from a PDF file with spacing, word wrap or line break issues, this tool is quite useful.

There is also the possibility to just remove any line breaks, without preserving sentences (usually the double break).

Eliminate Line Breaks is easy to use tool to remove line breaks. Copy, paste, and erase line breaks.

This site can allow you swiftly and easily remove unneeded line breaks and saved paragraphs. Also, you can use such useful functions, as removing double spaces as well as empty lines and spaces in the beginning of paragraphs.

You could also utilize our tool to create lists of commas and many more. Enter your text, and watch the line breaks disappear.

Tejas Parmar

CEO / Co-Founder

I am Tejas Parmar. Currently, I'm working on every kind of Digital Marketing activities as well as a full-time blogger. My expertise in Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ), WordPress, and Web development.

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