Text to Slug

Multiline-slug is the name of a bulk slug generator that is written in jQuery . It can convert multi-line strings, words, or text into human-readable, SEO-friendly URL slugs, or text into URLs, slugs, etc. Supports multiple languages using specific characters and accents.

We're employing a format that is always lowercase, and spaces are separated by the dash. So, the slug will be accessible to both humans as well as (google) robots.

When you utilize an online slug creator, you can create SEO-friendly, accessible slugs. All you have to do is enter the title of the page. Google will thank you for creating slugs that are human-readable and SEO-friendly.

URL Slug and Text To Slug

A URL slug, also known as text to slug refers to the text that appears at or near the ending of your URL. It is the actual URL of a specific page on your site, in the sense that it is a transliteration of the words contained in the URL. Making your slugs clear and succinct (1-5 words) can make your web website's contents more understandable to the visitor and aid in improving SEO.

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