Torque Converter

If you've ever read about manual transmissions you'll realize that the engine is linked to the transmission through the clutch.

What is Torque? How does it work?

Let's begin by defining what "torque" is. This can be observed in toys and vehicles that can move forward when being pulled back.

The crankshaft turns the crank shaft in order to generate torque. A engine with more torque will be able to move more quickly.

A crucial role for a torque converter

A torque converter is used to transfer the torque of an engine to a rotating motor-driven load. An automatic transmission vehicle has it.

What is Torque Converter?

A torque converter could be utilized to solve difficult issues.

This method utilizes a amount of physics and a great deal of brain power. It makes use of fluid coupling, which consists of the use of a series of clutches and turbines to keep the transmission and engine moving independently.

The shape of the torque converter is as a salad spinner from an industrial. This makes it difficult to view the gadget clearly.

The torque converter makes use of oil from the transmission instead of water to power the turbine. This lets the engine and transmission to rotate independently.

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