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In addition to counting words and characters In addition to counting words and characters, our online editor may assist you in improving word choice and writing style as well as, in addition, help you identify grammar mistakes and plagiarism. To verify the number of words, simply move your mouse into the text box in the above image and begin typing.

As the demand to edit and write increases day-to-day, keeping track of the words and characters, examining sentences, identifying grammar mistakes, and plagiarism cannot be completed manually. As a result, the need for an online tool which aids writers as editors complete the above tasks is the most important reason for developing the helpful tool for free, Word Counter.

As you kind without delay into the textual content area , or reproduction and duplicate your content material this system will display the maximum distinguished key phrases of your textual content. You also can see the key-word density to your textual content. Knowing which key phrases are getting used the maximum and what number of times they're used will let you validate or alter your content material in step with the present day research.

In truth, Word Counter is a free online tool that allows you to determine the number of words in a paragraph , and the word count total for an essay, book or novel.

Character and word counts will be displayed at the top. Any errors in writing will be highlighted and your most commonly used keywords will be displayed to the right.

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